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2019 Race Results are listed! Please click and visit
"ADL Race Results" to learn more about ADL Wins!

Exciting for ADL’s breeding...the addition of jelle rosiers, bart geernicykx and pipa Birds, maybe the most exciting breeding year for ADL in 5 decades, haha I just could not say 50 years.... we have done our best in the past to support kids/ and pigeon activities.... this year my support is for clubs seeking fund raising money... we will have birds available for needy eligible clubs.... contact ADL by email only to express your interest.

Sincerely, Jim Gabler, ADL

Sigi, update: Wow!!! Sigi does it again in 2018 at the aic olr 350 miles! Winner, Winner by her daughter
when bred to our FBI who sired Jozephine; 1st natl Belgium winner against 14,215 birds!!! 

porsche 911_buy.jpg
BE14-2230911_nieuw oog_main.jpg

Son of Porsche 911

The most expensive pigeon in the public auction of the AU Convention was sold to Jim Gabler for 13.000 us dollar! The first son of Porsche 911 ever to be sold in the USA. The underbidder was a famous Chinese pigeon racer.

Nikolaas Gyselbrecht stated "ADL Lofts owns the only son of Porsche 911 in the United States. He is really a beauty and was specially selected for the AU convention auction PIPA organized in 2018 in Chicago. I am confident that offsprings of this pigeons will do well in Jim's loft and in other peoples loft. Good luck!"

Jim Gabler also bought all the Bart Geerinckx pigeons and most of the Jelle Roziers pigeons. Jim Gabler from ADL Loft invested a huge amount in buying some very high-quality pigeons and in this way supported the auction a lot. ADL is once again on the way to build up one of the finest collections of pigeons in the USA.

Best OLR Breeding Hen in the USA - SIGI!

ADL has done it again!!!

Maybe the the "best, olr breeding hen in america (her breeding recorded includes two years in a row breeding winner of the Hoosier classic ) and her children are now breeding olr winners... she is off Ulrich Lemmens great sire "BETTINI " who has bred many winners including "William" best young bird 2012 in Belgium.

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