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Jelle Roziers

The Famous


Jelle Roziers with Gust, 1st national Bourges against 38,456 pigeons and fastest of 59,243 

be17-6037540 gust.jpg

Pictured here


America's Dream Loft is breeding off two direct children of Gust!


Queen L

Breeding from direct children at America's Dream Loft!

America Dream Loft's has what it feels is the best of the Jelle Rosier's champions. We house and are breeding from the only two direct sons of "Queen L"  and three direct sons of the "New Queen L" in the USA!


Porshe 911

Now breeding at America's Dream Loft!

The most expensive pigeon in the public auction of the AU Convention was sold to Jim Gabler for 13.000 US dollar. The first son of Porsche 911 ever to be sold in the USA. ADL is on the way to build up one of the finest collections of pigeons in the USA.

ADL Owns and is Breeding from only the Best Collection of Jelle Roziers Birds!

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