Van Loons

Super 73’s

This line is based on 3 of the greatest AU 1st National Long Distance Champions ever – 
Smokin Joe, Blue Lady and Campbell; with each winning from 400 to 600 miles respectively!

Proof of the strength of ADL’s Super 73 bloodline is seen in the Million Dollar South Africa race. In a four-year span, ADL birds have won 1st place in America in the Country Challenge Race twice, 12th and 22nd Grand Average Speed, and finished in the top 100 birds in the”Big Race.” You could say the proof is in the pudding!

 Super 72’s

America’s The Million Dollar Family 

AU ADL 1172-08
‘Super 72’ is one of America’s Dream Loft’s top breeding cocks! Only a few direct children have ever left ADL and those have founded lofts. ‘Super 72’s’ children and grandchildren are prepotent, just ask John Canto who scored big time in the money in South Africa. 
“Super 72” has and is breeding generations of winners!

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