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ADL Testimonials


Jim, congratulations on another super performance in the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race. You are making this look easy. To have pigeons in the top 63 the last three times you entered is remarkable. Many famous fanciers have never cracked the top 100. When competing against the best in the world one must have the quality of pigeon you keep. Nice Job  

Frank McLaughlin


I have known Jim Gabler for many years. I have always found him to be a great guy to deal with. One of the things that I have liked about Jim is his love for quality birds. The very first time that I was invited to visit Jim’s loft I was impressed with the small number of birds Jim had, but how high the quality of birds was in his loft. Jim is always looking for a way to bring his birds up to another level of quality. And I have seen this in the two birds I have just received. A very nice pair of his “Super 73 Americas”. Both birds are from the Smoking Joe line, a direct son and a granddaughter both were of the highest quality. If they produce anything as they handle, I should get many winners from just this one pair of birds. Jim keep up the good work, I have admired your willingness to always help promote our wonderful sport. And he has always been willing to help anyone! Our sport very desperately needs more people in our sport like Jim. I’m sure if you give Jim’s birds a try you will be more than happy with that decision.Thanks, Jim for the great customer service. When you say ” guarantee” you mean it!  Richard Oceguera




Hi Jim, back in 02 I bought a son of avenger ADL 868 02 late hatch from you and the very first year bred me a money winner in our auction. 8 years later he is still doin’ it, this year a bird in New Orleans auction has been 1st to the loft 3 times and here's his record 33 350 birds 33 lofts 13th 513 birds 42 lofts and 67th 598 birds 48 lofts. One of my friends has a son that bred a hen that won the first 3 or 4 races in young birds for him. I am breeding from 6 children that have all bred race winners or diploma winners. I just want to say THANKS for a super bird.  Scott Horton


Howdy Jim, what a pleasure it was for me to view your dynamic family of racing pigeons. I was especially pleased with your Super American breed. Three National Champions blended into one Superior family was quite impressive. I was amazed at the high percentage of 10 rated birds coming off those mating. I was more amazed at the number of dual purpose birds on one roof. Most fanciers would love to retire a great race bird to the stock loft. Your family makes that desire a true reality. Your hospitality, staff, friends and family are a great reflection on you and your commitment to excellence. Good luck in the future.  Joe Carini


The same bird I mentioned, 08 ADL 1077, a daughter of 05 FVC 4926 and 00 RRV 2035, on 8-24 won 1st place again this week! That's two weeks in a row. It also has a big lead for the champion bird in the club scoring points in all four races it has flown. Thanks again, Jim.  Chad Compton


Jim, I am pleased to tell you that your gift flying team did great in my loft. 10 RRV 1874 won the 1st 150 miles B race in the club and combine central section. Other two RRV 1865 and 1863 did great in the A race, came with my 2nd and 3rd bird, placed number 5 and 6 in the club. I appreciate your quality birds and they are very competitive in the sport.  Derek Shue


“SUPERSTAR” RRV 00 2487 BCC Bred by America’s Dream Loft ”SUPERSTAR” RRV 00 2487 BCC grandson of “SUPERSECRET” “MISSY”, ”045″ AND “6116”!


The first-year bred the 5th AU Convention RACE as a yearling for Ken Christopher.


The second-year bred 7th CLUB CHAMPION for Russ Osmond of Las Vegas.


The third-year bred DIRECTLY the 2nd CHAMPION BIRD and GRANDFATHER TO THE 1st CHAMPION BIRD in the speed races in the Las Vegas club for Russ Osmond!
The fourth-year bred the DAM to the “Golden Imbrecht” ’05 OVERALL San Diego Triple Crown Classic winner for Cordova Lofts! This bird “The Good Van Loon” is now my (Cordova lofts) foundation hen and has bred many many outstanding flyers AND breeders – down several generations


The fifth-year bred the 4th ACE DIGEST winner, ”Daddy’s Money”, for Jerry Soignier! This bird did it with a series of wins and two outstanding performances at 300 miles (one fast race and one slow) She also scored at 500 miles. She has a stack of diplomas and awards! ”Daddy’s Money” has that swollen, buoyant characteristic so sought after and has bred winners!   John Cordova


My son of your 2035 hen bred a 1st prize winner for me the first year. what a great pigeon he is. my daughter of your 2035 hen I just got is one of the best handling birds in my loft. watch out for her babies in future races. thanks so much for the super birds!  Chad Compton


It’s great to see your birds do so well this past weekend in the Flamingo and also in the Hot Spot 5in South Africa!!! Way to go!! By the way, my concourse winner back in Sept. was sired by 05 ADL 149, (Hekken Bro & Fire Flight blood). Thanks for all your help!  Phil Miatke


I have had the pleasure the last two years of handling futurity entries from Jim Gabler’s America’s Dream Loft. The ADL birds are well- balanced, intelligent and do extremely well under all sorts of race conditions. The ADL birds win races, including this year’s 300, always have a top finisher in the Average Speed standings in our futurity and are always among the top overall money winners. They do well at all distances. I’ve been impressed enough to add several ADL birds to my own breeding program.  Dave Gehrke

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